Crossword #4

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  1. A game being made into a movie
  2. Gives you Apricorn Balls
  3. It gushes fire from its nostrils
  4. Doubles damage if user's previous move failed
  5. Her Weavile is great
  6. Playable in Pokkén Tournament
  7. A Totem Pokémon
  8. Jessie caught one
  9. It is 1'08"
  10. The Junkivore Pokémon
  11. It can be found in the wild at Level 7 to 9
  12. Used by Cynthia
  13. Its Hit Points and Special Attack are equal
  14. Its Mega Effect has it erase everything around two spots you tap
  15. Increases Attack or Special Attack based on the opponent's defences
  16. Has a Shiny Rayquaza
  17. Without transfer, it can only use three unique Z Moves
  18. Its shocks can reach 100,00 volts
  19. Miette has one
  20. It always holds a Leftovers in Sun & Moon
  21. It weighs 57.3lbs
  22. Led by Spark
  23. Used to get a Level Ball
  24. Evolves at Level 25
  25. It has the same move four times in its level up learnset
  26. An area of it is identical in layout to Resolution Cave's basement
  27. Has 8 areas & dungeons within it
  28. It has 4 weaknesses


  1. Its evolution depends on its stats
  2. It rubs its wings together to make ultra sonic waves
  3. The Mischief Pokémon
  4. Heals the user
  5. Heals Burn
  6. Doubles damage based on the user's Hit Points
  7. Its highest stat is Hit Points
  8. Its highest stat is Special Defense
  9. The Ogre Darner Pokémon
  10. Causes opponent to lose Hit Points when draining HP
  11. Learns Double Slap when it evolves
  12. The Curlipede Pokémon
  13. Delelele whoop
  14. Increases Special Defense two stages
  15. The Eon pokémon
  16. Its preferred food is dravite
  17. It was usable in a game before the generation it was introduced in
  18. Its Hidden Ability is Flash Fire
  19. A Pokémon mini card game
  20. It is 1'00"
  21. The first pure Pokémon of its type
  22. Only available when you have a specific Pokémon in your party in OmegaRuby/AlphaSapphire
  23. Increases the speed to Mega Evolve
  24. Only two items can be found here
  25. Attracts wild Pokémon
  26. It may hold a Lagging Tail
  27. The Rock Skin Pokémon
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