Tera Crossword

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  1. Reduces friendship
  2. Steven Stone has one
  3. It always lands a critical hit
  4. It can be found in the Cave in the Lental Region
  5. It has never been available to capture
  6. Producer of Pokkén Tournament and Pokémon UNITE
  7. It has a signature move that only works if it uses it
  8. Attaches a Water Energy from your Discard Pile
  9. It helped win a Pokémon World Championship
  10. It can use 7 Z-Moves
  11. Has a building which contains a Serebii map
  12. It will never rain in this area
  13. It learns its last move at Level 65
  14. This artist's style is primarily focused around clay figurines
  15. The Strong Legs Pokémon
  16. Aside from 5ban Graphics & Ken Sugimori, this artist has done the most card artwork for the Pokémon Trading Card Game
  17. Special decorations for your Pokémon in a specific mobile game
  18. Home base for Ash, Goh and Chloe at Cerise's Lab
  19. Its first appearance was in a Johto episode
  20. Lowers two stats but raises three
  22. This move was in Gen 1 games, but not available until Pokémon Yellow
  23. It is the heaviest Pokémon
  24. Uses a Revavroom
  25. He is known to dance
  26. It is 28m tall
  27. It stands on its previously folded legs when it fights all out
  28. It can be found in Ballimere Lake
  29. You can get a 4* Photo of it being hit in the face by a Magikarp
  30. It can learn Electric Terrain through the Remember Moves function
  31. Raises Special Attack whenever a Pokémon is knocked out
  32. Its maximum Attack stat is 466
  33. It is weak to Steel-type moves
  34. It does not need to hold a Mega Stone to Mega Evolve
  35. Increases Special Defense in certain conditions
  36. It has four forms, and not all forms have the same Abilities
  37. It lights its own way inside dim caves
  38. A retelling of Ash's original journey
  39. He gives you a Key Stone
  40. Can sometimes be seen carrying the Unova Pokémon League
  41. Lowers the Sp. Attack stat
  42. It can be found within Buried Relic
  43. It can change a Pokémon's Hidden Ability to its standard Ability
  44. Get in the bag
  45. A patisserie visted by it is guaranteed success
  46. Team Rocket got one out of the Pelipper capsules
  47. Used to give certain boosts only during a dungeon and disappear when you leave
  48. This series contains multiple Pokémon songs
  49. Prevents additional effects of moves affecting the user
  50. It has the highest stats in the Pokéathlon
  51. Bea has one
  52. The Hands-On Pokémon
  53. The first Pokémon
  54. Its highest CP in Pokemon GO is 2952
  55. The name of Ash's friends when protecting Alola
  56. Zinnia has one
  57. It was not available natively in Pokémon Sun
  58. It creates a weather
  59. Featured several dungeons that are themed and records your progress
  60. Contains a courtyard with a maze
  61. It is featured on the logo of Hair Salons
  62. There are 13 Pokémon variants of these
  63. It was recently retconned out of a flashback in the anime
  64. The Mock Kelp Pokémon
  65. A website that connected to multiple generations of Pokémon games
  66. Its second form is rare and not found in the wild or in raids
  67. Its Galar Pokédex number is identical to its National Pokédex Number
  68. It will attack anything that moves
  69. How hard its fur is depends on its mood
  70. Removes Burn from the user
  71. She uses a Glaceon
  72. It has featured on 3 cards
  73. It evolves with high happiness
  74. It was natively unavailable in main series games between 2014 and 2021
  75. She is a popular streamer
  76. It can't use Iron Head
  77. It can be found in Dynamax Adventures
  78. One befriended Team Rocket
  79. You battle on top of Mt. Coronet
  80. Ash got one during his Sinnoh League campaign
  81. Brock has one
  82. The only developers who have developed a main series Pokémon title other than GAME FREAK
  83. Works best on sleeping Pokémon
  84. An event mode that has you play through as many rounds in 60 seconds to get the highest score
  85. Calms Pokémon when trying to catch
  86. Under normal circumstances, it is immune to Psychic-type moves
  87. Contains a large hollow where many wild Pokémon live. Necrozma is also found here
  88. It sprays poison from its spines
  89. Powers up Rock-type Moves
  90. Can Paralyse the opponent
  91. It will cause the user to be confused
  92. It has two evolutions
  93. The Bright Pokémon
  94. The aroma from its body can help wheat grow
  95. Its highest stat is 50 times that of its lowest stat
  96. Were you surprised?
  97. The only human card actually playable as a Pokémon
  98. This Mythical Pokémon has featured in the most individual movies
  99. Battles using a Poipole
  100. It learns Fissure at Level 75
  101. It has two different evolution methods to evolve into its evolution
  102. Makes hold items not have effect
  103. It evolved at Level 32
  104. It was available in the Isle of Armor but was not in the Isle of Armor Pokédexpo
  105. This console didn't have its own Pokémon game, but Pokémon featured on a game on it
  106. It can be shiny if found in the wild in Pokémon GO
  107. A group of Team Plasma staff
  108. eF-eM is its German name
  109. It can be found in the Isle of Armor
  110. It can be found in the Grand Underground
  111. A warden that has a Bibarel
  112. Is leaving
  113. It is a Titan Pokémon
  114. It is 2.2m tall
  115. It has a brain in its tail
  116. He gives you a Legendary Pokémon
  117. Its highest stat is Attack
  118. The water it shoots out can punch through tanker hulls
  119. Lugia can be found here
  120. In Generation V, it can only be found in a Hidden Grotto
  121. Reduces damage from Ghost-type moves
  122. Its orbs shine when it creates barriers
  123. It has different learnsets based on its gender
  124. It hasn't been on a Pokémon Trading Card Game card since 2003
  125. Its max HP in Pokémon UNITE is 7800
  126. It can cause damage in a spin-off game but doesn't inflict damage in the main series titles
  127. It cannot be seen outside of battle
  128. People believed the pattern on its back contains a mysterious power
  129. The only Regional Variant with visual differences based on Gender
  130. Hasn't been available since Generation V
  131. Its shell is a result of its mucus reacting with iron in the water
  132. Its highest stat is Defense
  133. It weighs 106.3lbs
  134. The Drill Pokémon
  135. The first anthology of shorts covering the history of Pokémon
  136. A special park only accessed through a portal
  137. It may hold a Tiny Mushroom when caught
  138. It likes Plump Beans
  139. Accessed by flying on a plane
  140. Face off against Gym Leaders here
  141. Used to Capture Pokémon
  142. It can be 2.56m tall
  143. It can use Max Geyser
  144. These Pokémon helped protect the region from a large meteor
  145. Smell ya later
  146. They can be found in Sweltering Sands in the day
  147. Lays poison spikes on the opposing field
  148. This set featured the first western designed Pokémon card
  149. Can force specific Pokémon to breed in a party
  150. It can be used by Salandit in Gen 7
  151. It has two additional forms based on its Hit Points
  152. Restores HP based on damage dealt by basic attacks
  153. Ash has one
  154. It is not in any known Region
  155. The location that Professor Burnet studies
  156. It has a Radiant card
  157. Can only be played from your discard pile
  158. It has both a VMAX and a VSTAR card
  159. It has features similar to a ghostly pterosaur
  160. It has been unavailable since Gen 4
  161. Contains many Paradox Pokémon
  162. Required to get Scatterbug
  163. It has had a costume in Pokémon GO
  164. Its Speciality is Drinks
  165. It can be found hanging from trees
  166. Powers up the next Electric-type move used
  167. It can be found in the Crimson Mirelands
  168. A story of Ash, Goh and Dawn helping stop Team Galactic in Sinnoh (English Title)
  169. Created a music track for P25 Music
  170. It may hold a Spell Tag when caught in some games
  171. Its highest stat is Defense
  172. Its lowest stats are Attack and Sp. Attack
  173. It cannot knock an opponent out
  174. The Weed Pokémon
  175. A business with lots of companies throughout the region
  176. It can carry prey that weigh more than 220lbs
  177. The Cerebral Pokémon
  178. Removes a type from the user
  179. Required to face Team GO Rocket Admins
  180. It has been 3000 years
  181. He's a fire pig
  182. The Hammer Pokémon
  183. It requires a specific item to be obtained
  184. It heals all allies
  185. You battle a Level 40 one at the start of a game
  186. Prevents the target from switching out
  187. Used to create various items
  188. Reduces damage when the HP is full
  189. An antagonist team admin
  190. Only one has been seen in the anime, and it was not normal colour
  191. Increases damage from super effective moves
  192. The leader of the first league Ash won
  193. Located under Cycling Road
  194. The title of someone who participates in Pokémon Contest
  195. Face off against powerful Legendary Pokémon here
  196. Official name of the rival that beat you to being Champion in the Kanto Region
  197. It has two forms
  198. The fourth lake of Sinnoh
  199. It once chewed a mountain and used the rubble to stop a flood
  200. It can use Final Flicker
  201. Protects against damaging moves
  202. It is not in Pokémon GO
  203. Its figure had the Special Ability Refreshing Aroma
  204. It has a Dark-type Pokémon Assist
  205. It can summon storms that cause the sea level to rise
  206. A special featuring Ash encountering Mewtwo


  1. Does more damage the more you have Stockpiled
  2. A teacher in the Academy
  3. It is 5.8m tall
  4. The only Pokémon to have Single Strike, Rapid Strike and Fusion Strike
  5. Located in Route 130, but only in certain times
  6. It is only available in Galar
  7. It has only had 1 card in English, 3 total
  8. It can only be male
  9. Increases in power if used in the same turn as a specific other move
  10. An abandoned amusement park after a Charizard in a parade caused issues
  11. A day featuring celebrations of all things Pokémon
  12. In a story, it uses Humans to battle against you
  13. Search your deck for up to 3 different item cards with a certain word in their name
  14. The Vibration Pokémon
  15. It is a pure Electric-type, according to the anime
  16. Activated between rounds and give a special bonus
  17. This attack can be used by Charizard, Pikachu and Vivillon
  18. It is 4* weak to Fairy
  19. You can't play these in your first turn if you go first
  20. It has the highest base stat total of a non-Legendary Pokémon
  21. It has been seen using a Z-Move but can't use Z-Moves in the games
  22. It will fly if you play the music box
  23. Its Special Attack and Speed are identical
  24. Brassius uses a Grass-type one
  25. Has further distance to be thrown
  26. The Cottonweed Pokémon
  27. The Coal Pokémon
  28. The Firefly Pokémon
  29. It can only learn 5 moves
  30. It is said to be the spirit of a lost child from the forest
  31. It went undiscovered for a long time
  32. Returns failed Poké Balls
  33. A coming TCG set with over 70 Galarian Gallery cards
  34. Was known as the artist behind many of the official artwork
  35. It is used to catch a Pokémon, but only two Pokémon
  36. Extends Terrain by 3 turns
  37. The Sun Pokémon
  38. Emmet has one
  39. May confuse the user
  40. The Magical Pokémon
  41. Evolves Crabrawler
  42. A collection of animated shorts
  43. You first encounter some Legendary Pokémon here
  44. It will boost its stats if the opponent's stats get boosted
  45. Its highest stat is Special Attack
  46. It is more common if you make curry
  47. A Pokémon specific online presentation
  48. Red can be battled here
  49. Move that defeated Ash's Greninja in the Kalos Pokémon League
  50. Causes Eternatus to change form
  51. A special subset of multiple sets featuring special artworks
  52. The nickname of Ren's Magnemite
  53. The final boss in Pokémon Rumble Blast
  54. You battle Electrode here
  55. Heals 30 HP
  56. It shows off its muscles to Machoke
  57. It could be found within Celebi Sea
  58. Required to access Sync Grid cells
  59. The Snow Land Pokémon
  60. A short manga that featured a trainer, Akira, and his Rockruff
  61. Traveled to the Hisui region with his father at a young age
  62. It currently cannot be Shiny in Pokémon HOME
  63. This move was banned in competitive Pokémon in Generation 5
  64. Its your boy
  65. It was not natively available in a main series gamefrom 2014 to 2021
  66. It hatches from an Egg in the games but is a Stage 1 card
  67. Switch your opponent's Active Pokémon
  68. Its Shiny is to be released in Pokémon GO in 2023
  69. It targets all opponents
  70. Reduces damage from physical attacks
  71. It can climb up cliffs
  72. Nando had one
  73. It evolved from its prior evolution at Level 40
  74. Its shiny variant was introduced in Pokémon HOME
  75. The leader of the Yaksha area
  76. Has a Zapdos
  77. Her grandfather was a Gym Leader
  78. You get given one in Cianwood City if you have only 1 Pokémon left
  79. A Pokémon handheld console
  80. It learns its last move at Level 48
  81. It was revealed at Japan Expo
  82. It learns its last move at Level 47
  83. It can learn Dark Pulse
  84. It is imbued with strong spiritual energy
  85. Ash's Japanese voice actor
  86. It was shown in official materials long before it was officially revealed
  87. Tends to an Ampharos at a lighthouse
  88. He is from the Hoenn Region
  89. Its claws come together to form daggers when extended
  90. It is devoid of guilt about its cruel disposition
  91. It can be found in 3 Star Tera Raid Battles
  92. Features the crossing between two regions
  93. Actor who portrays Tim Goodman
  94. Bye, Bye, _______
  95. Goh caught a Shiny one
  96. In Pokémon Smile, it resides in the Mountain area
  97. It hasn't been in any main series games since 2017
  98. Activates when hit by a Rock-type move
  99. It has only been in three spin-off games as of December 2022
  100. Eats a berry twice, once when activated and again at the end of a turn
  101. It has the Ability Swift Swim
  102. It can evolve by defeating others of its species
  103. Ash lost to him in the Hoenn League
  104. The head of the Pasio region
  105. Ryuki uses one
  106. May cause the opponent to flinch
  107. An infant sleeps inside its ball
  108. He has a Solrock with Cosmic Power
  109. It weighs 61.7lbs
  110. Requires trading to evolve
  111. Raises the user's Attack in certain conditions
  112. It learns its last move at Level 91
  113. Jessie had one
  114. Has a small chance of moving foirst
  115. Prevents moves from making physical contact
  116. It had a Community Day in 2022
  117. The Willpower Pokémon
  118. The Fox Pokémon
  119. Automatically transforms the Pokémon into the target
  120. Winter comes to an end when it flies to the land
  121. It does damage over 4 to 5 turns
  122. First official PokéTuber
  123. Evolves at Level 38
  124. It burns its enemies to a crisp with flames of over 5,400 degrees Farenheit
  125. It may climb Exeggutor
  126. Lowers accuracy but increases physical damage
  127. Ignores stat modification
  128. He has caught over 100 Pokémon
  129. The Tantrum Pokémon
  130. Professor Quentin Werty's Assistant
  131. Three different characters have had one in the anime
  132. Increases power the more times a Pokémon has fainted in your party
  133. It cannot normally be obtained at night
  134. Only female variants of this Pokémon have appeared on cards
  135. Chief Operating Officer at The Pokémon Company
  136. The Hexpert Pokémon
  137. Has a Dynamax capable Nidoking
  138. It is only found in Pokémon Scarlet
  139. Stars in the PokéStarStudios
  140. Hilda has one
  141. The Thunderbolt Pokémon
  142. Changes the user's form
  143. It did not have a card in the generation it was released in
  144. A collection of winter themed episodes
  145. Prevents the user from attacking next turn
  146. It is taught to hunt when it is young
  147. Is Sync Paired with the Main Character in Pokémon Masters EX
  148. It learns its last move in Legends at Level 52
  149. It is available in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet
  150. Can be obtained only in Generation 4
  151. Guarantees escape from wild encounters
  152. Alexa had one in Unova
  153. Known as the Fairy King's Sword
  154. Once it starts a rampage, there's no stopping it
  155. Fully revives a Pokémon
  156. These Pokémon have different types to normal
  157. Can store up to 100 Poffin
  158. It is event only
  159. Gladion caught a shiny version
  160. Dawn & Chloe looked after an injured one
  161. Mr. Fuji lives here
  162. Litten befriended one which passed
  163. Its scent heartens people in proximity
  164. It helps with tunnel construction
  165. If that is what you wish...
  166. Increases the maximum food in the tank
  167. It is only found in the wild in Area Zero
  168. It learns Thief when it evolves
  169. The Sea Lion Pokémon
  170. Its shiny is blue
  171. It has the Ability Storm Drain
  172. Its effect changed in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet
  173. May poison the target
  174. The only person to win multiple VGC World Championships
  175. You can change Deoxys' form here
  176. Its ability causes it to change its type
  177. The Water Bubble Pokémon
  178. It can only be found at night in the Snowfields
  179. Summons a sandstorm
  180. The Scarf Pokémon
  181. You can get a Z-Crystal here
  182. Flowers won't wither when attached to it
  183. It can breed but can never be hatched or evolve from something that can be hatched
  184. Heals all status conditions
  185. Pokémon with a Rule Box have no Abilities
  186. A strange radio station can be picked up here
  187. Reduces weight by 100kg and returns all lowered stats to normal
  188. Contains a small island with a Secret Base
  189. I'm on the road to
  190. It was once considered to be a Regional Form
  191. The Rogue Pokémon
  192. It has not featured on a Pokémon card
  193. An area that some cards send Pokémon to
  194. Was voted the least popular Pokémon in 2016
  195. Prevents status moves being used
  196. Its blades burn with the resentment of a passed sword wielder
  197. You play this game as Lickitung
  198. This Pokémon is required to evolve a different Pokémon
  199. Studies Pokémon Eggs
  200. You can get a Ho-Oh here
  201. This card move only does damage
  202. The Pop Star Pokémon
  203. Geeta has one
  204. The skin on its face is impervious to attack
  205. Its gas congeals to look like toys
  206. Location of the move tutor giving the Elemental Beams to the Starter Pokémon
  207. Wild Kangaskhan can be found here
  208. Special outfits for your Pokémon
  209. Lowers the target's Defense
  210. Makes it easier to hatch Pokémon
  211. The Dragon Orb Pokémon
  212. Heals the user's Hit Points in certain conditions
  213. Contains several small islands in the west
  214. The Twin Tusk Pokémon
  215. This item mimics a badge from a gym
  216. It gives Attack Points when defeated
  217. Contains the Bug-type Gym
  218. It is blocked by Soundproof
  219. It can't evolve from its base form in any main series game