Mega Crossword

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  1. Contains the Magma Hideout
  2. Pulls attacks to you
  3. This ability got reduced in strength between Generations VI & VII
  4. Its Defense and Special Defense are equal
  5. The first Pokémon Ash battled in the Battle Frontier
  6. Snowy
  7. Its Attack & Special Attack are identical
  8. A Totem Pokémon in all four Generation VII games
  9. Has a Lapras in it on Fridays
  10. You face Shadow Mewtwo here
  11. Siebold used one in the anime
  12. The Restraint Pokémon
  13. Sometimes held the Wide Lens
  14. The strongest Training option in Magikarp Jump
  15. Its GX move discards all Energy from your opponent's Active Pokémon
  16. Can't be affected by Taunt or Attract
  17. Has a Mega Evolution
  18. Has the ability Time Recall
  19. Prevents the user from moving during your next turn
  20. It was found in the wild in Heart Gold & Soul Silver in Cliff Cave
  21. Ash knew her as a child
  22. It was hinted about many years before it was first released
  23. Activates when hit by a Water-type move
  24. Max befriended one
  25. The beast that devours the sun
  26. Its arms and wings melted into scythes
  27. It has 16 moves in its level up
  28. It can learn Hammer Arm through the move relearner
  29. A Gym Leader in only one game
  30. A Magma Admin
  31. Its hidden ability is Weak Armor
  32. Has a Best Link with Murashige
  33. The Sunyshore Gym Leader
  34. Its Hidden Ability is Wonder Skin
  35. The only league challenge Ash has won
  36. A disrupt Support Pokémon
  37. Boosts Special Defense
  38. It has two legs
  39. Could be found in Friend Safari
  40. Attached to wild Ho-Oh
  41. Location of Mew
  42. Prevents Pokémon from getting poisoned
  43. Defeated Ash in the Kalos League
  44. N used one
  45. Your rival to inherit Legendary Cards
  46. Evolves from its previous form when it knows Double Hit
  47. Took over from the Lumiose City Gym when Clemont left
  48. It could only be found in up to 6 specific tiles in the first game it was available
  49. The Fang Scorp Pokémon
  50. It feels good when its mane is standing on end
  51. With its Ability in place, it has no weaknesses
  52. Found in Poké Pelago
  53. Location of the 2017 Pokémon World Championships
  54. Its only ability changed during the generational shift
  55. Its alternate forms revert to the base form after a few days
  56. The first Generation 7 Pokémon revealed
  57. Had its sprite changed between Japanese and English versions of a game
  58. The first wild Kalos Pokémon Ash saw when he landed in Kalos
  59. Once was a Gym Leader, then a Champion
  60. It can only be Male
  61. Learns the same move 4 times in its Level Up
  62. Sawyer used one against Ash
  63. Switched from being defensive to offensive upon Mega Evolution
  64. Its ear is at the front
  65. It spews a poisonous black powder when threatened
  66. Often used by Team Aqua
  67. Recovers Hit Points
  68. More inclined to have high Hit Points
  69. Found in Poni Breaker Coast
  70. Always has Critical Hits
  71. It was first usable in Pokémon XD: Gales of Darkness
  72. Appeared in a Super Smash Bros. Stage
  73. This kind of card has field effects that affect all Pokémon and players
  74. Giovanni uses one
  75. Corrects any errors made in a puzzle
  76. It can't naturally learn Barrier
  77. Had a massive redesign in the remakes
  78. The style of battle in Pokkén Tournament
  79. Said to be the result of children who died in the forest
  80. Steal Pokémon to use their energy to power the PhobosSphere
  81. It is 2'04"
  82. At time of publishing, it is only available in Raid Battles in Pokémon GO
  83. Mini-game featuring Lickitung
  84. Eggs of bird Pokémon are its favourite food
  85. May hold the Deep Sea Scale
  86. You could only have one of these cards in your deck
  87. Has Crimson Dive
  88. Winona used a Shiny one in the anime
  89. Only works if the target is poisoned
  90. The Blade Pokémon
  91. Uses its soft mane to polish others jewels
  92. Has a Claydol
  93. Has the move Final Flicker
  94. Can't call SOS Partners
  95. Can learn every TM
  96. His partner was lost to Guzzlord
  97. It's Normal/Flying-type
  98. Used to Surf
  99. Contains a museum
  100. Its highest stat is Special Attack
  101. Lysandre uses one
  102. Outside of the Trainer Tower, this is the only Shiny Pokémon owned by a trainer that you battle
  103. The Cannon Pokémon
  104. First device a Pokémon game was released on
  105. The first and only pure Pokémon of its type excluding forms
  106. Can only be female
  107. Ghetsis' signature Pokémon
  108. Switches items
  109. The fourth Dragon-type Pokémon in National Pokédex order (ignoring alternate forms and Mega Evolutions)
  110. The only move that was Physical but is now Special
  111. Prevents all damage done to Benched Pokémon by attacks
  112. Was once a Key Item, then a Hold Item
  113. Introduced in the anime
  114. Its highest stat is Attack
  115. Increases Attack when affected by a Status Condition
  116. Used in conjunction with Candy to power up Pokémon
  117. A set featuring Pokémon with art from the original set
  118. It rips enemies apart with its claws
  119. The Cottonweed Pokémon
  120. Woken by the Poké Flute in various games
  121. Only one of its two forms can be found natively in Generation VII
  122. Head of the Art Academy
  123. The Cell Pokémon
  124. Until Generation VII, it was only available by breeding with a specific item attached
  125. Its Hidden Ability changed between Generations 5 & 6
  126. It learns Spiky Shield when it evolves
  127. The Cheering Pokémon
  128. Tracey's surname
  129. Can know Blaze Kick
  130. It has three forms
  131. Professor Kukui has one
  132. Has the highest Hit Points
  133. Its Hidden Ability is unavailable
  134. Decreases number of matches required to Mega Evolve
  135. Guzma used one
  136. It was active on both land and sea
  137. Called by a Totem Pokémon
  138. Ash has failed to capture multiple of these
  139. You can obtain the Gracidea here
  140. Filled with Punk Guy and Punk Girls
  141. The first Legendary Pokémon you obtain that can evolve
  142. Was often refered to as "Pikablu"
  143. Boosted Fire-type moves by 50%
  144. It has 630 Hit Points
  145. Increases strength of not very effective moves
  146. It learns Hydro Pump at Level 60
  147. The guardian of Poni Island
  148. Has a Croagunk
  149. It controls its prey with the pattern on its belly
  150. Sabrina used a female one of these
  151. The Generator Pokémon
  152. May do 50% more damage if the target attacked the Pokémon during this turn


  1. It can swim as fast as Feebas
  2. One resides in the Shining Lighthouse
  3. Search your deck for 3 Basic Pokémon or 1 Pokémon EX
  4. The Iron Armor Pokémon
  5. It was revealed over 2 years before the first game with it available was released
  6. The Beehive Pokémon
  7. Japanese name for the Ruby & Sapphire saga
  8. The only Kalos Starter Pokémon used as a playable Pokémon in Pokkén Tournament
  9. A race where you have to break through various walls
  10. Failed the Island Trial Challenge
  11. It can dissolve the toxins in the air
  12. Figure #400
  13. Contains the Unawarehouse
  14. Leader of the Black Skyscraper & White Treehollow
  15. Volcanion EX's ability
  16. A game where you declare if a ball is in or out
  17. Creator of the Pokémon Franchise
  18. Runs the Poké Pelago
  19. Has a chance of holding the Never-Melt-Ice
  20. Has the Poké-Body of Iron Skull in Platinum
  21. It learns its last move at Level 99
  22. Used by Nobunaga
  23. Ash's mother's first name
  24. It weighs 220.5lbs
  25. It is 5'07"
  26. Designer and artist for many Pokémon
  27. Type of card which required two cards to play
  28. May lower target's Defense
  29. You can Pyukumuku Chuck here
  30. The Legendary Pokémon
  31. A game where you could get 2,084 Pokémon badges
  32. A Promo Card from the original Promo sets that came with Pokémon Stadium & Pokémon Puzzle League
  33. Ash was sent to Valencia Island to retrieve this
  34. Hapu lives here
  35. Has 5 stars in all Pokéathlon stats
  36. The Flailing Pokémon
  37. Provided access to the Flower Elysium
  38. English set focused on Mega Lucario
  39. It learns Flash Cannon at Level 50
  40. Can be found in the wild at a level lower than its evolution level
  41. Increases damage from Fire-type moves
  42. Known by 3 Pokémon
  43. Makes the target move last
  44. Ignores abilities
  45. A small cave connected to Castelia Sewers
  46. Youngster Joey has one
  47. The item that boosts your Clevel in Duel
  48. It has different side quests focused on it depending on the game version
  49. It feeds on people and Pokémon
  50. Determines how high your Magikarp can jump
  51. Evolves when you're in certain locations
  52. Lost weight upon evolution
  53. Provides every type of Energy when you have more prize cards than your opponent
  54. Sold for a lot of money
  55. The head of the Battle Tree
  56. Used to Capture Pokémon
  57. It can be found in Ultra Space
  58. Boosts partner's Attack & Special Attack in certain conditions
  59. Allows for you to breed Kantonian Forms
  60. Increases damage on recoil moves
  61. The first Town with a Gym
  62. Raises Critical Hit Ratio
  63. Ash met her while hunting for Entei
  64. A way to battle through all the Gym Leaders
  65. In an official poll for top Pokémon in 2016, it was voted the least popular Pokémon
  66. A leader in the Aether Foundation
  67. Activates when a Pokémon on the field uses a Dance move
  68. Its Shiny is blue
  69. This Pokémon Tool allows you to Mega Evolve without ending your turn
  70. When used with Looplets, they have special effects
  71. It only has one ability
  72. One of the Elite Four
  73. It learns Superpower at Level 45
  74. When you touch its skin, it feels dried out
  75. Contains a Move Tutor
  76. It can drink 2.6 gallons of water at once
  77. It has never been found in the wild
  78. It is weak to one of its own types
  79. Its lowest Speed stat at Level 100 is 27
  80. Hasn't had a card since Skyridge
  81. Boosts all your stats
  82. The North Wind
  83. Found in Route 21
  84. Learns Trick Room at Level 50
  85. Found in Mount Lanakila
  86. Santa used one to guide his sleigh
  87. Volkner uses one
  88. The only Pokémon with split evolution that you can't manipulate
  89. Contains wild Kecleon
  90. It has two different abilities that affect moves of types it is weak to
  91. Its lowest stat is Speed
  92. The first Stadium card which had different effects on players depending on its orientation
  93. Evolved from its previous form at Level 31
  94. Learns Icicle Crash upon evolution
  95. Outside of events, it is only found in Asia
  96. Nicknamed Mr. Glutton in its own world
  97. The blood-soaked crescent
  98. It has been seen in the most anime episodes
  99. Can hatch with many hats during certain events
  100. Couldn't be learned by a Pokémon until FireRed/LeafGreen
  101. Contains various ghosts
  102. You can ride one in Route 12
  103. It can only be found in one place in Generation VII
  104. Inflicts damage when hit by moves that make physical contact
  105. Increases Berry growth time by 25%
  106. Has Zoroark as a boss
  107. It can only be found in SOS Battles
  108. Called eF-eM in one region
  109. The final move in its level up is Sheer Cold
  110. Used to deliver mail in Mystery Dungeon titles
  111. The only crossgeneration evolution since 2006
  112. A physical device that allows you to play the game without looking at your phone
  113. Use Brave Bird!
  114. The Fruit Pokémon
  115. Pokémon that had different types to normal
  116. Is a Sound Move
  117. You only battled this champion in rematches
  118. Contains 8 Dungeons & Areas
  119. Found in Haina Desert in two games
  120. Method of transport in Pokémon Island
  121. It only goes after men it thinks are handsome
  122. If it has Shell On and you have a Shelmet in your hand, you can search your deck for an Escavalier
  123. It shoots fireballs from its nose
  124. Said to have expanded the lands
  125. Does damage
  126. Provided a second evolution method to one Pokémon
  127. Stopped being available in X & Y
  128. Changes your Pokémon's Ability
  129. Increases Speed but lowers Defense
  130. Detective Pikachu lives here
  131. Ash had one
  132. Lusamine has one
  133. Its Special Defense is its highest stat
  134. Predominantly male
  135. The Mushroom Pokémon
  136. 6 Pokémon/Mega Evolutions have this ability
  137. Known naturally by just one Pokémon
  138. Causes Pokémon to change form during battle
  139. Dawn & Ash both had one
  140. Found in Chargestone Cave
  141. Increases the amount of Pokémon you can have on your bench
  142. Contains a Normal-type focused Gym
  143. The Savage Pokémon
  144. James had one
  145. Obtained in the Aether Paradise. Works only on one Pokémon
  146. A Pokémon with an alternate colour in the anime that isn't a Shiny but later appeared in a spin-off game
  147. It has the most insignificant gender difference
  148. It is a fast runner
  149. Prevents effects from physical contact
  150. It never forgets an attack it endured
  151. Ash has one
  152. Doesn't work on Dark-type Pokémon
  153. Contains wild Cubone
  154. Damages opponent if user is hit by a physical move
  155. Cilan has one
  156. Prevents Defense getting lowered
  157. A team featuring Medicham that appeared in Explorers of the Sky and then Super Mystery Dungeon
  158. Used in the evolution method of another Pokémon
  159. Only more effective on 5 Pokémon
  160. The Water focused Grand Master
  161. Leader of Cipher
  162. Has 6 different traits
  163. It has been physically attacked by two movie antagonists
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