Crossword #7

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  1. Prevents Sound moves from working
  2. Only has one ability
  3. One of two Ultra Beasts used by trainers
  4. Uses Legendary Pokémon
  5. Allows you to teach one Pokémon a move after being found
  6. Only known through events
  7. Predominatly female
  8. Found in only one area
  9. You can evolve Eevee into Glaceon here
  10. It has the highest Special Attack stat
  11. In fiction, it ruled over humanity in the future
  12. One died in the anime
  13. Prevents Steel-type Pokémon from switching
  14. Its highest CP is 2466
  15. The Collective Pokémon
  16. Ash has one
  17. Smeargle can't use this move
  18. Its pre-evolution and evolution were revealed in a different generation
  19. Has the lowest base stats
  20. When you defeat these, you can take 2 Prize Cards
  21. Protects against Super Effective Ice-type moves
  22. The Time Travel Pokémon
  23. Has no damaging Fast moves in Pokémon GO
  24. It learns its last move at Level 47
  25. Befriended Team Rocket
  26. It has two weaknesses while being dual-typed
  27. Was only available through event initially
  28. It will shock you if you accidentally step on it
  29. Makes the Pokémon move last
  30. The Woodpecker Pokémon
  31. Contains many hotels used for figure duels
  32. It was revealed in conjunction with the fifth Pokémon movie
  33. Increases Speed when hit by an Electric-type move
  34. Located in the centre of Kalos
  35. Has been tied to Whimsicott in merchandise lines
  36. The fastest Pokémon alive


  1. Partner of Detective Pikachu
  2. Its glare makes Pokémon obey it
  3. It was preyed on by Archeops
  4. Was given as a gift in Pokémon Battle Revolution
  5. Averages Defense & Special Defense stats with the target
  6. It’s not expected to live long because of the heat of the current environment.
  7. Its last move in its level up is Head Smash
  8. Depite being available in the wild in Sun & Moon, it isn't Wild in Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon
  9. Heals Hit Points when consuming a berry
  10. Pokémon from Generation 6 and 7 (aside from Sylveon) cannot be in this
  11. The Pincer Pokémon
  12. A returning mechanic last seen i nthe Diamond & Pearl card sets
  13. Required a Dark-type Pokémon for evolution
  14. The only Mega Stone yet to be distributed in Pokémon Shuffle
  15. Gives you Totem Pokémon
  16. ____ Dig ___ Dig, Trio Trio Trio
  17. In Gold & Silver, if you attached a berry to it, it'd become Berry Juice
  18. The Zen Charm Pokémon
  19. The final evolved form of the first Legendary Pokémon evolution chain
  20. Could use pants
  21. A group of wrestlers can't make it move
  22. The Flash Pokémon
  23. Its Shiny is Black
  24. It can only be male
  25. It weights 175.3lbs
  26. The Sharp Blade Pokémon
  27. Increases Accuracy
  28. Ash and Dawn had one
  29. Lets you look at the top 4 cards of your deck
  30. The first Generation VI Pokémon revealed
  31. Has no effect in battle
  32. Can damage or heal
  33. One of the first Pokémon designed
  34. Boosts Defense
  35. Has a tower named after it
  36. Its 3D model changed between Generations 6 & 7
  37. Alexa has one
  38. Increases Attack in certain circumstances
  39. It is 1'00"
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