Crossword #6

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  1. It blends in with floating seaweed
  2. It can use 6 Max Moves
  3. The Martial Arts Pokémon
  4. Paired with Articuno
  5. Increases STAB
  6. It has the same Defense stat as its evolution
  7. It is weak to Psychic
  8. Forces the opponent to switch out
  9. You can battle a Level 100 one
  10. Removes the status conditions for Pokémon in the party
  11. It has a day dedicated to it
  12. Its leaves can't be used when it is dirty
  13. Changes Flying-type moves
  14. Has a higher chance of Critical Hit
  15. Evolves a Pokémon
  16. The Emotion Pokémon
  17. Has a 1 in 3 chance of activating
  18. The Shellfish Pokémon
  19. Removes effects of opponent's abilities
  20. It spends its entire life inside an apple
  21. It can scorch the world with fire
  22. Used to get Vivillon in Pokémon GO
  23. It has the highest Hit Points
  24. Focuses on Dark-type Pokémon
  25. The Land Spirit Pokémon
  26. It coexisted with humans since ancient times
  27. Its highest stat is Special Attack
  28. The only move that can revive a Pokémon
  29. It can call wild Salazzle into battle
  30. Volcarona can be found here
  31. It carries loads up to 50 times its own weight


  1. It has the highest Speed stat
  2. Ice energy builds up in its horn
  3. It is primarily found at night
  4. Plays Lt. Yoshida
  5. It can be as small as 0.32m
  6. Contains a Team Star base
  7. It weighs 12kg
  8. The Practicing Pokémon
  9. Removes the Pokémon's type
  10. It loathes solitude
  11. A 4 Star Photo of it involves Mareanie
  12. It has multiple evolutions
  13. The Poison Fish Pokémon
  14. Japanese name for the new anime protagonist
  15. It learns its last move at Level 75
  16. The Synthetic Pokémon
  17. Draw 3 cards
  18. The Clay Doll Pokémon
  19. It could only evolve in handheld mode on the Nintendo Switch
  20. Doubles the user's Attack
  21. It creates icicles from the snow it eats
  22. Can be found in the Ruins of Rememberence
  23. The first Shiny Pokémon shown in the anime
  24. It can give Quick candy