Crossword #6

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  1. Puts your opponent to Sleep
  2. It learns its last move at Level 63
  3. Owned the Pokémon Ranch
  4. Necrozma was found here
  5. Evolves 1 Pokémon
  6. It has been 3000 years
  7. It was only released in Japan and Europe.
  8. Creates the Festival Plaza
  9. Heals status conditions
  10. Guzma's signature Pokémon
  11. Get in the bag
  12. Ash has one
  13. Hasn't been found in the wild since X & Y
  14. The Imitation Pokémon
  15. Only available in the wild during the day in Generation 7
  16. Can use "Spray Fluid"
  17. Only weak to Ground & Fire
  18. Found with Island Scan
  19. This Ball isn't purchasable
  20. Its Hidden Ability is Thick Fat
  21. Lowers speed on Toy Pokémon when Attacked
  22. It has billions of appearances
  23. One of the few Totem Pokémon you receive without their Hidden Ability
  24. Wulfric used one against Ash
  25. It has three evolutions
  26. A Z-Move
  27. Some said it was a mutation of Carbink
  28. The first Pokémon that could be both gender
  29. One of its stats matches its Regional Pokédex number
  30. Causes removal from battle


  1. Not located in any region
  2. The joint smallest Pokémon
  3. Iris had one
  4. Can only be used during the day
  5. Hatches in a 10km Egg
  6. Used by Sejun Park in the 2014 World Championships
  7. Its Base Power increases by 33% when it becomes a Z-Move
  8. The first region of Pokémon Ranger
  9. Prevents target from using the same move twice in a row
  10. It is responsible for the destruction of Tapu Village
  11. Only found attached to a specific Pokémon
  12. It can use no dedicated Z-Moves
  13. It hasn't been available since Black 2 & White 2
  14. The Plate Pokémon
  15. Its existence got hinted on the cap of a character in the movie Zoroark and the Master of Illusions
  16. Dawn had one
  17. It learns Body Slam upon evolution
  18. Its Base Stat Total increased after the form change
  19. It was first seen in the second Pikachu short
  20. All its stats are equal
  21. Increases Special Defense
  22. It became extinct in all but a few areas
  23. If it stores too much electricity, it gets bald patches
  24. It is 1'00"
  25. Only available in 1 game
  26. Its highest stat is Attack
  27. A cave in the Sevii Islands
  28. It learns no damaging moves in its level up
  29. James had one
  30. It is sensitive to the presence of others
  31. Ho-Oh can't learn this move but can know it
  32. The mascot of Malasada shops
  33. This character has appeared in every generation since he was introduced
  34. In the morning, you can see one visit a Pokémon Center
  35. Ignores the effects of hold items
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