Crossword #6

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  1. Increases chance of a Critical Hit
  2. You could only find one of these in the wild outside of outbreaks
  3. The Sand Snake Pokémon
  4. It would activate Wind Rider
  5. Evolves at Level 59
  6. Lowers the target's Attack
  7. The first region
  8. The Hands-On Pokémon
  9. Requires using Berries to evolve
  10. It has a Base Power of 195
  11. Its intellect is overpowering
  12. Marlon has one
  13. It learns its last move at Level 50
  14. Its shiny was introduced in Pokémon GO
  15. It can only use two damaging Max Moves
  16. Makes multi-hit moves more likely to hit
  17. Can only be seen in battle
  18. An artificial island
  19. It learns its last move at Level 99
  20. Helped conduct Special Research in Pokémon GO
  21. It was a special enocunter at the 2022 Pokémon World Championships
  22. James has one
  23. Recorded the first P25 Music Song
  24. It is 0.2m


  1. Partnered with Croagunk
  2. It learns Sky Attack at Level 93
  3. It can use Auto Battle in the water
  4. Pokémon #000
  5. It got Gift Box Holowear in December 2022
  6. High energy readings can come from its arms
  7. Tracey had one
  8. Both Wally and Diantha have one
  9. A 3DS piece of software only released in Japan
  10. Brock received one as a gift
  11. It has had 19 different forms
  12. It may drop a Vivichoke
  13. The Barnacle Pokémon
  14. Burns the opponent
  15. Used to craft items
  16. Its lowest stat is Speed
  17. The Royal Heir Pokémon
  18. Its favourite fruit started growing around its neck
  19. It can learn Rock Climb
  20. This non-Ice-type Pokémon can freeze the opponent
  21. It can be 1.12m tall
  22. Cannot be Shiny as of December 2022
  23. An opponent in a game and a star of many Pokémon cards
  24. It is 4* weak to Flying
  25. Its highest stat is Special Attack
  26. Contains an Electric-type Gym
  27. Changes the user's type
  28. It is in Super Smash Bros.
  29. It may raise Evasion
  30. You can battle wild Delibird here at certain times
  31. It can't Dynamax