Crossword #5

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  1. Can be photographed in the Poké Finder
  2. Has Ice Beam as one of its Charge moves in GO
  3. Has its own unique Z-Move
  4. Pokémon #420
  5. It gets blamed for power outages
  6. Voiced by Ryan Reynolds
  7. It learns its last move at Level 67
  8. Its right arm is packed with meat
  9. It's too small to lay eggs
  10. Brock has one
  11. Only evolves during the day
  12. The Bubble Jet Pokémon
  13. Can't call S.O.S. Battles
  14. It only has 4 moves in its Level Up list
  15. One of the first rideable Pokémon
  16. It learns its last move at Level 25
  17. Tied as the heaviest Pokémon
  18. It weighs 100kg
  19. Cannot be found in Generation 7
  20. Increases Special Attack
  21. It pulverises a dump truck in a single punch
  22. Its movepool doesn't change between forms
  23. Only found in one game in Generation 7
  24. The Rock Snake Pokémon
  25. Cannot breed
  26. Your first encounter with Team Rocket in Johto is here
  27. The Hard Shell Pokémon
  28. Its Defense & Special Defense are equal
  29. It is 2'00"
  30. It steals the target's stat boosts
  31. This area has no wild Pokémon
  32. Prevents Sleep


  1. Canonically, there are currently 5 in the anime
  2. Used to power up Pokémon
  3. The Stump Pokémon
  4. Learns Shell Smash upon evolution
  5. The Embrace Pokémon
  6. Used to Capture Pokémon
  7. Until Version 1.1, this move didn't work in Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon
  8. Uses a Torterra
  9. The member of Team Galactic that you didn't battle
  10. Its highest stat is Speed
  11. It can use 12 Z-Moves
  12. Xurkitree can be caught here
  13. Only 3 of its stats increased with Mega Evolution
  14. When it tips over, its insides spill out
  15. Can only be found in SOS Battles in Generation 7
  16. It has 4 forms
  17. It only has 1 ability
  18. Recoves from status conditions
  19. Passes 5 IVs down from the parents
  20. Works better on Pokémon of the opposite gender
  21. It learns its signature move at Level 1 and at Level 85
  22. Required to keep Kantonian forms during breeding
  23. 88.8% of them are female
  24. It explores caves in search of underground water.
  25. This type has the most resistances/immunities
  26. It sticks to tree bark
  27. It can only use Tectonic Rage if transferred from Generation IV
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