Crossword #4

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  1. It can be found around the Great Crater of Paldea
  2. Has the second highest base stat total of a non-Legendary Pokémon in Scarlet & Violet
  3. It can be over 4 foot tall
  4. Location of Professor Cerise's Laboratory
  5. Increases damage of recoil moves
  6. In general conditions, it receives no damage from Water-type moves
  7. It feuds with Zangoose
  8. Ash lost to this Gym Leader
  9. It can be found in Ultra Space
  10. It may hold a Spell Tag
  11. Aside from in certain circumstances, only one can be attached to a Pokémon card
  12. Arven has one
  13. It does not have a Mega Evolution
  14. The Trap Pokémon
  15. Won the TCG World Championships in San Francisco
  16. Charges the user when hit by a move
  17. The Dragon Pokémon
  18. The Scatterdust Pokémon
  19. It has changed its evolution method over time
  20. Location of 2011 World Championships
  21. Its highest stat is Special Attack
  22. It was released in a software update away from DLC
  23. The Little Bird Pokémon
  24. It drifts on the flow of ocean waters
  25. It is only female
  26. It could use Hydro Vortex
  27. Guarantees a critical hit
  28. This move can be multiple types
  29. It can paralyze the opponent
  30. It was revealed during Gamescom
  31. May confuse the target


  1. Used to evolve in Crabrawler into Crabominable
  2. It learns its last move at Level 74 in Gen 7
  3. It has increased priority
  4. It can only evolve in one specific area
  5. This region has very few wild Pokémon
  6. Its shiny is Blue
  7. Its body starts to melt after a long time
  8. The Free Climb Pokémon
  9. It can be found in trees
  10. It weighs 303kg
  11. Was first released in 2015
  12. Drains the target's PP
  13. The Scout Pokémon
  14. It was in Detective Pikachu
  15. Casey had one
  16. Averages Attack and Special Attack
  17. It can be found in Space-time Distortions
  18. The Dog Pokémon
  19. It can be found in Ballimere Lake
  20. Toedscruel can be found here
  21. May had one
  22. In Pokémon GO it can be found in France
  23. It is 1.2m tall
  24. Previously a Rock-type Gym Leader