Crossword #4

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  1. It can detect prey from over 30 miles away
  2. Increases JP from events
  3. It has more accuracy than a supercomputer
  4. It is weak to Electric, Grass, Fighting, Bug & Fairy
  5. It has two forms
  6. It has a 50/50 chance of hatching in an egg with a different Pokémon
  7. Only one Pokémon can use this move naturally
  8. It radiates high powered energy that can eliminate everything
  9. It is made up of many life forms
  10. Can only be found in the wild in Generation 7 during weather
  11. Its Defense matches its Special Attack
  12. Only one evolution line can have this
  13. The Iron Snake Pokémon
  14. The only breedable Mythical Pokémon
  15. Reduces Hit Points by 75%
  16. Gives you a Shiny Pokémon
  17. It steals honey from Combee hives
  18. It weighs 97lbs
  19. Used to increase your Pokémon's level above 5 in Duel
  20. Cannot be captured in the wild
  21. Gladion uses one
  22. Reduces damage from super effective Fire-type moves
  23. Its strongest stat is Attack
  24. When two meet, they show their water bubbles
  25. Gives you items to fuse your Pokémon


  1. It could learn Silver Wind in Generation 4
  2. It can use 3 Z-Moves
  3. May hold a Persim Berry
  4. Contains a Shiny Pokémon
  5. 11 Pokémon have this ability
  6. A delicacy in Hoenn
  7. Flames drip from its nose
  8. The Diving Pokémon
  9. Theories exist that say it used to have feathers
  10. It can use 13 Z-Moves
  11. A stage which increases in difficulty and rewards as you progress
  12. Hatches eggs faster
  13. It is 4'07"
  14. Learns Venom Drench upon evolution
  15. Increases damage from certain moves and evolves a Pokémon
  16. Ash had one
  17. Found in Ultra Space
  18. Uses a Golduck
  19. Increases Critical Hit ratio
  20. Appeared the anime before the games
  21. Ice-type
  22. One of three Pokémon (outside of alternate forms) that have its Primary Type as its Primary type
  23. Ignores the Life Orb recoil when using some moves
  24. Its max CP is 2546
  25. Has the same Base Stat Total as its evolution
  26. Vivillon is the only fully evolved Pokémon with this ability
  27. It learns its final move at Level 59
  28. It weakens when it dehydrates
  29. Can have two Rock-type Charge moves in Pokémon GO
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