Crossword #4

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  1. It learns Rock Slide when it evolved
  2. Lowers Special Attack
  3. This mobile game features 254 Pokémon at present
  4. Sonia has a Shiny one
  5. It is in The Crown Tundra's pokédex
  6. It can't be sent from Pokémon GO to Pokémon HOME
  7. Both Gym Leader and Elite Four
  8. Can stun a Pokémon
  9. If you defeat this, you get to take 3 prize cards
  10. Does more damage the higher the user's affection
  11. They make snowballs with their breath
  12. A web series featuring all 25 years of Pokémon
  13. It only learns one TM
  14. Has an Eevee
  15. Cures a Pokémon of Paralysis
  16. It has the highest Base Stat Total of a Pokémon
  17. It can breed with Baxcalibur
  18. Its Attack stat is 20
  19. Ash & Goh met while riding one
  20. Pokémon #1000
  21. It was once considered the Queen of Ice
  22. The console the first Pokémon game released on
  23. Its Hidden Ability is Analytic
  24. The final set in the Pokémon Sword & Shield TCG generation
  25. It has not changed in millions of years
  26. The first live action Pokémon movie
  27. Its patterns are scars
  28. The Antenna Pokémon
  29. Takes an ally's Ability
  30. It can smash a skyscraper with its brain


  1. It can only evolve at certain points in time
  2. Owned by Nia
  3. Available in Paldea but not in the wild
  4. It could only learn Powder in Gen 7
  5. Adds a type to the target Pokémon
  6. Kukui's Alter Ego
  7. The Duckling Pokémon
  8. Switches the user out
  9. Changes the user's type based on the Terrain
  10. Drew is from here
  11. Acts as two different abilities
  12. Its highest stat is Special Attack
  13. It can use 7 Max Moves
  14. It has a higher Attack stat than its evolution
  15. The folds along its head are a popular delicacy
  16. May cause the opponent to flinch
  17. Lowers the target's Attack
  18. It hasn't been in the anime since 2005
  19. At its smallest, it weighs 0.6kg
  20. Developers of Pokémon Duel
  21. Dawn had one
  22. The current voice of Ash Ketchum
  23. It is 1.3 m
  24. Runs the Pokémon Ranch
  25. Lowers the target's Speed