Crossword #3

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  1. It wasn't obtainable in the wild until X & Y
  2. Can be found in the wild at Level 9
  3. Delelelewhoooop
  4. Ash got stuck to one
  5. The Lookout Pokémon
  6. Psychic-type
  7. The Temporal Pokémon
  8. It is a Totem Pokémon
  9. It gained Nasty Plot as an Egg Move in USUM
  10. Its lowest stat is Speed
  11. It is 35'09"
  12. Its Shiny variant is green
  13. Has an Alolan Vulpix
  14. It learns Aqua Jet upon evolution
  15. It has the Scrappy ability
  16. Gives daily training missions
  17. It only has one weakness
  18. It has the highest Defense stat
  19. It has only been catchable in one game
  20. Lures opponents attacks to it in Double Battles
  21. It can dive ocean depths of over half a mile


  1. It can have a higher base power than its Z-Powered move
  2. It may hold a Deep Sea Scale
  3. It has been 3,000 yars
  4. Often uses Rock Slide
  5. A coastal city with a gym
  6. Can only be male
  7. It has the same Defense stat as its evolution
  8. May return a consumed berry
  9. Can only be found by breeding in Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon
  10. The 8th Gym Leader of Unova
  11. The Mold Pokémon
  12. Has a different gender ratio to its evolution
  13. It can know Ally Switch
  14. Blocked by Damp
  15. The most downloaded Pokémon app
  16. Search your deck for up to 3 Basic Pokémon or 1 Pokémon EX
  17. The 2017 Pokémon World Championships were held here
  18. The guardian of Akala Island
  19. Until Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon, it couldn't be in a Heavy Ball
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