Crossword #4

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  1. It knows Jungle Healing
  2. You have to find 150 of these
  3. It can be found in 3 Star Tera Raid Battles
  4. One of the few Pokémon Ash has caught not in a standard Poké Ball
  5. Used to change a Pokémon's form
  6. Its flame sac is connected to its vocal cords
  7. Its first card was in Noble Victories
  8. It learns Drain Punch upon evolution
  9. It can be found in trees
  10. Only one non-Mega Evolved Pokémon has this ability
  11. It swims through sea of lava that it creates
  12. Its Attack and Special Attack are identical
  13. Its shiny variant is grey
  14. Can be sold for high amounts of money
  15. It is not very good at precision shooting
  16. It is 0.4m
  17. Chloe's family has one
  18. It was banned from competitive play
  19. You can play this minigame with Omanyte
  20. It gives extra Stardust when captured in Pokémon GO compared to other Pokémon
  21. It has a stat increased in Gen 8
  22. A web based anime short


  1. It may hold a Poison Barb
  2. Discard your hand and draw 7 cards
  3. It hasn't been in a main series game since Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon
  4. It has a form that is never seen in battle
  5. Prevents the wearer's Ability from working
  6. Its eyes allow it to see in the dark
  7. It changes Eternatus' form temporarily
  8. Gladion had one
  9. Caught a Suicune
  10. It has the lowest base stats
  11. Turned Toy Pokémon rusty
  12. Location of the most recently open Pokémon Center store
  13. It has one event only form
  14. It is weak to Flying, Ghost and Fairy
  15. Urshifu is one of the focal Pokémon of this TCG set
  16. Removes stat alterations of allies on entry to battle
  17. It can't be learned by any usable Pokémon
  18. The Iron Pokémon
  19. It raises the opponent's Attack
  20. Location of the 2023 Pokémon World Championships
  21. It has been the focus of a Pokémon GO Community Day