Crossword #2

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  1. Announced in 2019 but has yet to release
  2. The Magical Pokémon
  3. Sets harsh sunshine as the weather
  4. Paired with a Rillaboom
  5. It is weak to Ice-type moves
  6. A short anime series of three episodes
  7. A Pokémon streamer
  8. Its pattern is thought to be the key to unlocking the secrets behind Dynamax
  9. It can learn Soak through breeding
  10. Its lowest stat is HP
  11. One of the Team GO Rocket Admins
  12. One is named Merrick
  13. Part of the Security Corps
  14. Strange scenery will appear on a TV if it stands near one
  15. The Mythical Pokémon with the lowest base stat total
  16. It learns its last move at Level 48
  17. It grinds its teeth to stimulate its brain
  18. Two of its abilities have the same effect
  19. Cannot be caught in the wild in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet
  20. It is 4* weak to Ground-type moves
  21. It can be shiny in Pokémon Café ReMix
  22. Restores the user's HP when it eats a Berry
  23. It can learn Burn Up
  24. Evolves with the Thunder Stone


  1. Reduces the opponent's Hit Points by 50%
  2. The Dolphin Pokémon
  3. The only Galarian Form evolution to currently not be in Pokémon GO as of December 2022
  4. Its highest stat is Attack
  5. It cannot breed
  6. Courtney uses one in a game
  7. Its primary type is different to the primary type of its evolution
  8. Its colouring becomes more vivid the more it feasts
  9. It has never been available as a wild encounter
  10. The Axe Pokémon
  11. Manages the Pokémon HOME
  12. Director of Pokémon Scarlet & Violet
  13. Actor who portrayed Tim Goodman
  14. Cannot be played in the first turn if you play first
  15. Works better catching Pokémon in the air
  16. It swaggers around with pride of its accomplishments
  17. Switches the user out of battle
  18. It is 7.3kg
  19. Can lower Defense