Crossword #2

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  1. Increases a Pokémon's Attack
  2. Not Water-type, but can be found by Surfing or Fishing
  3. A popular resort island with many Alola Pokémon
  4. It was banned from official competitions for a while
  5. Uses the opponent's Attack stat to calculate damage
  6. The only item obtained in an Ultra Beast realm
  7. Can manipulate natures
  8. Can be obtained in Poké Pelago
  9. If that is what you wish
  10. Two live together on one rock
  11. Its Attack and Defense are equal
  12. Boosts all stats
  13. The only fossil that you cannot legitimately revive from a fossil in Generation 7
  14. Travelled with Ash
  15. The Djinn Pokémon
  16. The only Relic item available in Generation 7
  17. Its Special Attack is 40 more than its Attack


  1. The Kitten Pokémon
  2. Turns into a Z-Move
  3. It got two new Egg Moves in Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon
  4. The Proud Pokémon
  5. Boosts certain moves by 20%
  6. Allows you to take two additional prize cards
  7. It learns its final move at Level 52
  8. Its Attack and Special Attack stats are identical
  9. In Generation 7, it can only be found through SOS Battles
  10. It is 3'07"
  11. This Mythical Pokémon hasn't been the focus of a feature length movie
  12. The Superpower Pokémon
  13. Both the smallest and heaviest Pokémon
  14. Zygarde can be caught here
  15. Has two forms
  16. Has led two teams
  17. A new area in Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon
  18. Can be seen on the Poké Finder
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