Crossword #4

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  1. Runs PokéStar Studios - Mr. _____
  2. Ash had one
  3. An ability that allows for use of two abilities
  4. Used to Mega Evolve a Pokémon
  5. The Sea Lily Pokémon
  6. Factoring in abilities, it has two weaknesses
  7. Its French name is Fermite
  8. The heaviest Pokémon
  9. It can only learn Tackle in Sword & Shield through Level Up
  10. The Mythical Pokémon that has had the most separate movie appearances
  11. The last move it learns is Belch
  12. It's grumpy and stubborn


  1. It is not in Sword & Shield
  2. Dances when the sea is calm
  3. It creates potions with its internal toxins
  4. A nickname for a Legendary Pokémon
  5. Knows Electric Terrain
  6. Can burn an opponent
  7. It is 1.1m
  8. The High King Pokémon
  9. Take 3 Prize Cards when defeated
  10. The Despot Pokémon
  11. Given by Peony to investigate Legendary Pokémon
  12. The first Pokémon Spin-off game
  13. I'm on the road