Crossword #1

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  1. It learns Iron Head upon evolution from its base form
  2. Makes Pokémon weak to Fire-type moves
  3. Raises all the user's stats
  4. Only Alcremie can learn this move
  5. The Worm Pokémon
  6. Its form changes depend on its Hit Points
  7. It absorbs others' life force
  8. Only available in Pokémon Shield
  9. Can be learned by Galarian Meowth
  10. It evolves when it levels up after knowing a non-damaging move
  11. Dreepy can be found here


  1. Activates with Berries and Leftovers, though doesn't have an added effect with Leftovers
  2. The city with the Fire Gym
  3. Its fur protects it from the cold
  4. Learns Fishious Rend
  5. You can find raids for Gigantamax Kingler here
  6. It can only be found 1% of the time
  7. The only Pokémon not in the Galar Pokédex that is available to use in Sword & Shield as of December 1st 2019
  8. Raises Defense
  9. It has the highest Base Stat Total of all time
  10. If it uses all its power, it can control the minds of every living thing in its viscinity
  11. The Unique Horn Pokémon
  12. Raises Sepcial Attack
  13. Made with Brittle Bones and a Figy Berry
  14. Its lowest stat is Special Defense
  15. It can travel at over 18mph