Crossword #1

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  1. Has different abilities depending on its gender
  2. Boosts all stats
  3. Guarantees multi-hit moves hit 5 times
  4. This Pokémon wasn't naturally available until Platinum without transfer
  5. Has a Silvally
  6. The only Ultra Beast with Beast Boost that didn't have a code name
  7. Has an increased chance of shinies
  8. Only available in Black 2 & White 2
  9. Increases Super Effective damage
  10. Not found in the wild in Generation 7
  11. Switches & passes stat changes onto the next Pokémon


  1. Its Hidden Ability is Inner Focus
  2. The only Totem Pokémon available in both Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon
  3. Its Attack is 10 points higher than its Hit Points
  4. Boosts Special Attack
  5. Found in Liberty Tower
  6. Always causes Paralysis
  7. Bye Bye
  8. Can cause flinching
  9. It is available during sand storms
  10. Given for beating a Gym
  11. Is catchable in two regions
  12. Ash captured one
  13. Has no Mega Evolution
  14. The Volcano Pokémon
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