Crossword #1

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  1. A group hunting for a specific Mythical Pokémon
  2. You can befriend Sync Pairs here
  3. Delelelelelwhooop
  4. You can get a Totem form of it
  5. Lowers the user's Special Attack
  6. It was introduced in Pokémon GO
  7. Cannot be Shiny as of December 1st 2022
  8. It is found in Pokémon Scarlet
  9. May paralyze the opponent
  10. All of its stats are the same
  11. It uses its tongue to taunt opponents
  12. Raises the holder's attack
  13. A raid that causes spawns around the Gym for 30 minutes
  14. Ash hatched one


  1. Only one Pokémon can have this Ability as its standard Ability
  2. It can evolve
  3. It has not been in the anime since 1997
  4. It can pick up the scent of a Pokémon from just over 65 feet away
  5. The Turn Tail Pokémon
  6. It can be up to 11'10 in size
  7. It has a special move or Ability you can only use once per game
  8. It can have the Gigantamax Mark despite not having a Gigantamax form
  9. It learns its last move at Level 85
  10. Changes the type of the Pokémon
  11. It derives power from resentment
  12. Switches items with the target
  13. It may hold a Sticky Barb when caught
  14. 108